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Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind (this summer)

I have a lot of women I admire. Jen Hatmaker and her witty, hilarious accounts of her home life and work life. How faith intersects so vitally with motherhood and career and marriage. Or Glennon Doyle Melton, and her incredible ability to take the human language and mold it to reveal exactly the truest right thing about whatever she's talking about. And she's hilarious. And fierce.      I have a lot of women I admire in my personal life, and I think that's more important. Real life, flesh and blood women I can look in the eye and look at their lives and learn from. They teach me what is good, how to love my husband in real time, how to be a real parent.
     I haven't really been hanging out with other moms as much as I could be. But a friend had invited me out yesterday and I made myself say yes. It had been a few weeks since my last outing. I isolate myself a lot, because I feel like a freaking hot mess guys. I really do. Most day we just hang out at home. I don…

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