Cool Autumn Evenings

           It's a Monday night and we forgot to give Jeremiah his ear infection medicine. He's crying in his room anyways, so it's not like we have to wake him up for it. He had a pretty rough day at Daycare. I think his ears are really bothering him, because he usually will go to sleep, but today he cried for an hour and only fell asleep after Tylenol. : ( This will all be over (Lord willing) after Wednesday. We still haven't given in with the pacifier. He'll cry for about 15 minutes then go to sleep. He never really slept with it before, he just needed it to fall asleep, then he'd sleep the entire night with it at the opposite end of the bed. It was time.
            My sister Jessica called this morning! It was good to hear from her. She's doing well; working and trying to make ends meet. Aren't we all? I miss her! I hope they can come up for when baby is here. 2 1/2 more months....
            I met with my friends Emily and Char to do Kairos on Saturday. It was really good. I was there from 230-5! Time flew by. It was amazing to just relax and enjoy some godly fellowship, and talk to other women about anything and everything. It encouraged me gives me perseverance knowing there is someone praying for me, about specific things going on. Thank you Lord for bringing us together.
           Something God taught me on Sunday morning during devotions...maybe you have learned this lesson but apparently I needed a strong reminder (I did.) I was reading in Matthew where Trevor had left his Bible open on the table and it was the parable about the guy who went out and hired people to work his fields during all hours of the day. At the end of the day, the people who had worked one hour got the same pay as the people who had worked all day in the sun from morning till evening. To the worker who is mad at the unfairness of it all, he says something like, "Who are you to say how I spend my money? Isn't it mine to do with what I want?" 
     And God revealed the jealousy and bitterness in my heart I had been harboring against those around me who God is blessing monetarily. I had been feeling like God was being unfair to our family because all these other families were getting big blessings in the money area, and we are struggling to just buy food each week. And it was selfish and terrible of me and I repented at once because who am I question who God blesses and how He blesses? 
     Just look at my life and you will see one huge blessing after may not be evident in our bank statements, but look in our picture albums or ask us about the past 11 months and you will see miracle after miracle. We have everything we need and more. May I be a blessing to those around me who have less than I do.


  1. It's a hard lesson to learn Marybeth, but I am pretty sure we all need constant reminders! I know I do! God WILL bless you! Read the first part of the sermon on the mount...I am sure you will find yourself there.

    P.S. I have blogged twice more since you last looked at my blog. There is a post about our baby boy and then also a post about the wedding day! :)

  2. I will definitely let my husband help with a lot! :)

    We are living in KC MO for now. Were helping with a church plant in the area, so we are here for that, but won't stay here forever. Neither of us are really big into MO, but this is where God wants us for now!


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