Why Hello There {The awkward first entry}

   Jeremiah is almost a year old! He's walking along things and standing on his own for several seconds at a time, and just seems to be growing faster than I can keep up with! He knows several words, has 4 teeth and can wave goodbye (when he wants to of course). He is eating table food and loves everything! Just like his daddy, he is a lover of food! ;) And since last Thursday, Jeremiah is officially off the pacifier!!! He even fell asleep at DAYCARE without it. Woooh!!! Huge Huge triumph! Also, he's getting tubes in his ears on Wednesday...I'm nervous but I know it will be good for him!
     Trevor is doing AWESOME. He loves Starbucks and MAY be getting a promotion here soon! Pray for him please! Starbucks is definitely his cup of...coffee... he-he...we'll be walking through Wal-Mart, and he'll point to a lady and ramble off a 2 minute drink order that "she always gets at 530 in the morning". It's amazing. He has officially started classes up again at Southeast Technical Institute. He's going full time. This semester he's taking some challenging courses (Advanced Microcomputer Applications, and Business Law...YUCK). He recently just got over a really bad case of the flu that knocked him out for quite a while. When he had his brain surgery, the part they took out was part of his nausea center, so when he gets sick, he REALLY gets sick. It's really hard to control the nausea. But he's past that sickness now, so praise the Lord! 
     As for me...well, I am 28 weeks pregnant and am going to have this baby in 2 months! It's so crazy to think about! I've been SO busy at work and at home with both my men being sick that I haven't really been realizing how close it is....
We graduated from Financial Peace University in April and have started the journey to knocking out debt in our lives. We have completed Baby Step #1 ($1,000 emergency fund in the bank) and are working on Baby Step #2, Debt Snowball. This means we list all our debts in the descending order and attack with huge intensity! We have already knocked out $1300 worth of debt!!! 
      We got a kitty! He's dark grey with piercing green eyes...he's amazing. He's a good fit for our home. We are teaching Jeremiah "Nice touches" for the kitty, and he's definitely learning. He now rests his head on the kitty's stomach! :) SO cute. 
     On September 6th Trevor and I will have been married for TWO YEARS! YAY! I simply cannot believe it's been 2 years. We are taking a trip to Omaha, NE and are going to stay with his parents for a couple days, and they are going to watch Jeremiah while we 'go out on the town." ha-ha. 
      Well, I think that is about it...I'll update soon! 


  1. Marybeth - It was fun to read your new blog (I also popped in and checked out your xanga one - it sounds like you have some awesome insights that many other women out there would benefit from reading). Best of luck to you in this new endeavor and as you approach the birth of your second child.

    A bit of intro - I know your in-laws. When I was pregnant with my second (son), we tossed around a few names and settled on Trevor (I think the only other Trevor I knew was your husband). Now my Trev is five and is absolutely crazy about your father-in-law, because he fishes with him at CBLI every year.

    We will continue to pray for your family.

    P.S. I had an older friend who had been in construction and when lean times came he took a job at Starbucks. After being scammed into a "deal-of-a-lifetime job," which never panned out, he sorely regrets leaving Starbucks. Like Trevor, he loved the commaraderie built with the customers.

  2. Marybeth! I miss you on facebook! When are you due again? I am due on November 27th and am already ready for the baby to come out. I am very tired of being pregnant - especially in the heat. :)


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