Can I get a drum roll please...!

I am officially a stay-at-home mommy/wifey!! 

You have no idea how thrilled and deeply grateful I am to be able to say that. A dream come true of mine.
 I thank you Lord that we are able to do this right now.

It's thunder-storming right now. Trevor got home from school around 330 and we went for a walk. We turned around towards the south, and saw the HUGE storm clouds, and he was like, "let's do it!" And I was like..."Trevor." And he said, "Come on! Come adventuring with me!" And I laughed and said, "Trevor!" So we went! And half way to the park he stepped in mud and then I heard him say, "what in the world...?" And he looked down and said, "WHAT!!!" Guess what he had done? He had changed only one shoe for the walk; he was wearing one sneaker and one work shoe. It was a great laugh. We got ice cream at B&G and then a block away from home it started sprinkling. 5 minutes after we walked in the door, it was POURING. Yay us!

So back to my staying-at-homeyness. 

Today was the first day of many of just me and my chico-son. We call him Chico as a nickname. 
He was a little cranky, but other then that it was beautiful. We played together, sang songs, read books, did devotions, had great naps (2!) and ate yummy food! There are plans in the making for play dates with others so that he can socialize with other kiddos. And so that I can get out of the house. One of the major reasons we are doing this is because we NEED to sell this car. So we are putting it at this car lot that sells your car for you (don't worry, it's legit). Pray this car away please! It's a horrible reminder of where we were headed and of the huge mistakes we made before God got our attention last October. 
During his naps I was able to have good prayer/devotional time. Trevor takes the computer on school days, so 3 out of 7 days I will be able to be without electronics! It'll be amazing. I am currently reading 1 book, going through 3 devotions, praying through 2 lists, and journaling. It's pretty great. I am thriving on this staying at home least for today! It's only been one day, and I am trying not to hype it all up and expect everything to go completely smoothly everyday. 
More tomorrow....for now, Trevor has a shift supervisor meeting at 6 and he gets Tomacelli's Pizza, so I have to figure out what I am going to eat! I pray your night is going well! 


  1. I'm staying at home too! I am pretty excited about it as well!


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