So, I've been perusing through a few blogs and got some ideas to share with you all!

First, taking after one of Kassie's Blog, I decided to give you a taste of the place we call home.

This is one side of our living room
I saw that rug at Target, and just fell in love with it
And there is Jake wondering what in the world I am doing

This is our beautiful book shelf a good friend gave us
Jeremiah's kitchen, wooley mammoth, and favorite blue ball
And a little peek into our laundry room

This is our kitchen table, I love how rustic and woodsy it is!
That wine bottle is non-alcoholic peach sparkling juice with a candle in it!
It makes us feel like we are in a fancy restaurant :)
And my calendar where all the events, important or not, are sprawled
Our little kitchen!
Another angle of our kitchen
Our fridge: Picture of Trevor, my sisters and I on our wedding day!
Picture of Trevor and I right after brain surgery and having our baby
A calendar I pray through for ShowHope Adoption Agency
Our Financial Peace University Certificate!
A list of all our debts and the ones marked off that we've payed!
Our bedroom
The comforter does not fit, but it's beautiful and was only like 20 bucks at a thrift store :)

Our bathroom sink counter top!! I put a picture of this in here because, well, because I love to decorate and I can put a picture of this up!

Kassie, I love my shower curtain too! We have pretty shower curtains :) 
Our front door

And this is cake I made for Trevor
Also, taking after a blog I read the other day (I can't remember where it is or who's it was) I will now post a picture of where I blog! 

This is also where I pray, do devotions, write in my journal, and read my books!

Well there you have it! I better put my son to bed...Goodnight! 


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