Jeremiah- almost 11 months old!

Trying Tuna Casserole for the first time 
I love my son. He's gotten to the stage where he is testing his parent's limits. If he is about to do something he shouldn't be doing, like tearing all our books off the bookshelf, I will say, "No Jeremiah" firmly, and shake my head no, and he'll sit down, look back at me, put his finger in his mouth, stand back up to the bookshelf, look back at me, and slap at the books, and look at me again. He'll do this every time I say no. He'll never tear the books off, but he'll see how close he can get. He's so funny. 

Jeremiah favorites right now in life:

Apple Juice
Kitty Tails
Stacking Cups
Wind in His Face
Daddy Wrestling
Tossed on the Bed
Slapping People in the Face
Standing on His Own
Mommy Singing


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