Overdue Lessons Learned

     I've officially  been a housewife for 2 whole weeks. In that time I have learned some very valuable lessons. Meaning I should have known how to do these things a long time ago. Oh well. Better late than never they always say. And they are always right. I've also learned some GREAT money saving tips. Please read on for some life-changing wisdom ;) 

Lessons Learned
 by a New Housewife

* The 5 dollar meal for two. When you get a hankerin' for some fast food, but don't want to waste too much grocery money (it's still a waste though)...at McDonald's, my husband and I purchased 2 double cheeseburgers, 2 apple pies, 1 fruit parfait, 1 small fry and two waters, for a GRAND total of 5 dollars. 
Plus! You get napkins for free. My husband and I no longer buy napkins. We get ours absolutely free, happily donated by the fast food places around Sioux Falls. *
* It's SO much cheaper to buy whole chicken legs, bones and all, then to buy "boneless, skinless blah blah blah." I can get my hands dirty if it means saving 5 extra dollars for more groceries...or that McSplurge *
* You will always be able to find something in your house you don't really need, to sell on craigslist. Even if it's worth $5 or even $1, if you are trying to get out of debt, that's $5 dollars towards debt you didn't have before *
* Time flies by really super fast, and before you know it, your little baby son is actually walking and talking and waving "bye-bye. He was just squawking because he didn't like tummy time yesterday! At least it seemed just like yesterday...  *

That's as far as my inspiration goes tonight. Ciao!


  1. what is tummy time?

    Good lessons learned!

  2. Tummy time is when you put your new born on his tummy so that he can work his neck muscles. It helps him with neck control and to one day crawl! :)


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