Two posts in one day? Yup!

A breath of fresh air. That's what I got today.

     As I drove into the country to start counseling for the 3rd time in my life, I was nervous. Sitting in the room, hearing the truth of God stated firmly and loudly, I was feeling His living water rush over my dry and thirsty soul. I'm excited about the work God has planned for my heart, for my life. I believe God wants to heal me and He wants to start by revealing the lies I have believed for far too long. Lies like:
I am rejected.(accepted)
I am unloved.(so loved!)
I am insignificant.(significant)

In other news, I have been slacking with my pictures. It truly isn't my fault! My battery charger has lost it's ability to charge. But I squeezed just enough juice out of it today to take some A-Mazing pictures. Here they are!

Isn't he just the most darling little boy ever?

I almost freaked out when this happened. I was sure he was going head first off that shelf.
But he figured it out. :)

This is him realizing he has nowhere to go now. hehe...he's so cute


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