Count your blessings, name them one by one

I learned a valuable lesson the other day. One that will surely change things for me, from now on.

(Side-note: Don't you just love the fact that we never stop growing in the Lord!? I love changing and maturing and growing and learning new things! I love to dig my roots deeper and deeper in His word and in Him!)

So the lesson? When given to frustration or irritability, anger or gloomy-ness, immediately start thanking God...for anything. You won't feel like doing it, but do, even if it begins through gritted teeth with "Thank you Lord for the fact that I am breathing." Something happens. Your heart starts softening and you are made aware of the blessings in life, rather than whatever silly thing made you momentarily angry. Just refocus your heart and mind and mouth back to God. Try it! It's amazing!

* Someone just gave my husband and I a 96' Jeep Grand Cherokee. For free
*Yesterday, the consignment lot we are trying to sell our 2009 KIA at, 
allowed us to price it at $1500 over what they thought it should be priced at,
 because our bank won't give us a loan to cover the difference if it's not sold at $13,500
*Trevor started jogging this morning for the first time since brain surgery, 
and loved it!
*I get to be a stay at home mommy/wifey!
*Jeremiah is turning 1 on Friday!
*Our second little one is growing and kicking and will soon be here
*Trevor and I have food enough to not go hungry
*We are part of a Lifegroup at church where we are loved 
and where we can fellowship weekly with other believers



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