I see you sitting there so engrossed in pots and pans.
This spoon goes here, that lid sets there.
You are deciding and changing directions and learning.

I remember you when you were just a chubby lump of needs.
You would sleep. Eat. Cry. Poop. Again and again.
I was content to just stare at you.

Now you bring me books, the same book, to read over and over.
You say "uh-oh" when you drop something.
You sign "more" when you want more...oh how we fought to learn that.

There is just a glimmer of 'baby' left in those big blue eyes.
Just enough babe to make me scoop you up and rock you like I used to.
A mere shadow of infancy that makes my heart ache at how quickly it is all passing.

You walk now and I laugh, yet inside I'm crying.
You talk now and I smile, yet inside I'm remembering coos and gurgles.
The seasons change, so do we, nothing stays the same.

Soon I will bring forth another small wonder.
One who is a chubby lump of need.
And I will cherish. 

And I will cherish you, sweet toddler.
I will not let these fragile months slip away in longing for times past.
I will celebrate your seasons and I will celebrate growth.

You hand me another book.
You sign "more."
How could I refuse you?


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