I'm a bit bored, and decided I would put together a post about my absolute dream house! *Money not being a hindrance to my creativity and desire!*

First, the outside would look something like this!

Huge wrap-around porch, tons of flowers, and that old Victorian feel I am so in love with!

My Living Room

And of course candles everywhere!

My bedroom:

My Bathroom:

Martha Stewart Living
I have always wanted a claw foot tub!

My Kitchen:

Isn't this kitchen just dreamy?

"Mama Cave"
Comfier chairs of course, and flowers everywhere, and tons of candles!

Well, there you have it! One day, over the rainbow of debt, perhaps the Lord will see fit to bless us with some qualities of this blog...and if not, praise Him just the same! I am content!


  1. Ohhhhhhh love the outside of the house...the porch especially!


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