To love a husband

I love my husband. 

Recently we've been going through somewhat of a rough time. 

I've been praying fervently that I can be the kind of wife
that is God-honoring and husband-honoring.

So this morning, as I was reading, Becoming the Wife of His Dreams,
 (which, by the way, I HIGHLY recommend)
I was hit with the urgency to show him love
in the little things.

I started thinking...
I started brainstorming...
Just little ways that would say
and keep the fire alive

Here are some of my favorites:

*Send him a lovey email everyday

*Slow dance to favorite song in the living room with candles lit

*When you have a baby, put them down for nap time and both of you go outside to be alone

*Know your spouses love language, and set it as your mission in life to love him/her to the fullest every single day in that way, no matter how they love you back

*Turn off the computer, the phones (yes turn them OFF) the TV, and sit with your spouse, and just talk

*Encourage your husband to hang out with the guys or to spend time doing his favorite hobby

*Listen intently and actively as he talks about work

*When it's his birthday or Christmas, get him a gift that shows you really know him

*Be SO excited when he comes home at the end of the day

*Write a love note on the mirror in the bathroom

*Brag about him and compliment him in front of others

Just a few things I am going to start doing to show my husband that I love and respect him!!


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