What's in a name?

     My husband and I were talking the other night before bed, and we realized we had no idea what any of our names meant. 
     I know that Mary means "bitter" and Elizabeth or Beth means "consecrated to the Lord" so I always just assumed my name meant "Bitterly consecrated to the Lord." Not very encouraging, but I claimed it as my own for years. 
     This morning, after checking craigslist for the twelve thousandth time and after checking my email for the thirty thousandth time, I was inspired to find the meanings of all our names (even the new baby's, but you cannot know, because it's a secret!)

Here is what I found!

Jeremiah means "Exalted by God." I thought that was way cool! We didn't even find that out when we picked it for him. We actually had it picked out when we were High School sweethearts... :) 

Trevor means "Great Settlement." This is really awesome to me. I pray daily that God establishes our family to glorify Him and spiritually become honoring to His name. Trevor is an incredible godly man and is a strong spiritual leader in our home. 

And my name? The first meaning for Marybeth I came upon was "star of the sea."  

Eh, huh?
 I don't want to be a star of the sea! What does that even mean? I want a strong name! I want a godly name! 

Needless to say, I really have no control over the meaning of my name. I should just get over it.
So I found a different site, a more legit looking site, and here is what it said my name means in Hebrew....

I stopped dead in my tracks. Had I read that right? Sure enough, in Hebrew, Marybeth, or the variation "Miryam" means "wished-for child." 

Do you know what the does to the heart of woman who's inner child feels abused and abandoned? Do you know how that makes a woman feel, after she's been told all her life that she's worthless and insignificant by all the "important" people in her life?

It makes her feel like a daughter of the King.

     It's not coincidence that my name means "wished-for child." It's the Truth about me as a daughter of the King of Kings. He desired for me to be born. He knit me together and dreamed about me and loved me even before I took a breath. 
     When my Stepfather was beating me for no reason at all, or when my Grandmother was stripping away all my self-worth with comments and looks of disapproval...my Daddy was holding me, protecting me, whispering words of love into my bleeding heart. When everyone around me was telling me that it would have been better had I not been born, or when people kept leaving and abandoning me, my Daddy winced and remembered how He had shaped my nose just so, or how He delights in my laughter, or how He has a great future for me and a plan for my life.  
     These little revealings about my true identity have been happening every single day. I feel as if my Daddy is taking my open heart and just pouring Himself into me, teaching me what a real and perfect Father looks like. How a real and perfect Father loves. Who I really am in Christ.

My first Christmas 1988

My second Christmas 1989

     Thank You, Daddy, for showing me that I am a wished-for child. Thank you that everyone who calls you Father can claim that same Truth. Help me remember daily that I am Yours, and that, that is enough. I love you! Amen!


  1. What happens in this world is what God wants to happen...if He didn't, then it wouldn't. He wanted you. ALWAYS. You have always been a wished-for-child, if not by anyone else, then by God!


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