"Worship is giving God the best He has given you."

Oswald Chambers

Recently I've been appointed as Worship Leader in our Lifegroup.  I was literally giddy with excitement! 

Can I sing? 
Not on key.
Can I play a musical instrument? 
Does the radio count? 

So why am I so thrilled at being the Worship Leader? 

1) I love worshiping my Jesus!
2) I love the fact that worship is not confined to 'singing songs'
3) I am a creative person, and am excited about our group coming together and worshiping "outside the box." 

In my giddiness and excitement, I have come upon some amazing insights and ideas. Let me share a few with you, and, hopefully, inspire you to a more meaningful worship time with our precious Lord! 

Body Confession Prayer- Just reading this idea made me come to tears. It's such a powerful physical display of coming before God and confessing, receiving forgiveness, standing before Him confident and thankful, and receiving a focused heart to worship and praise Him. Amazing!

Candle-lit Worship-  I love sitting in a dark room with just a single candle lit and praying or worshiping with worship music. Reflect on Jesus as the light of the world.  (This site has many great ideas)

Tagxedo- What an amazing site! You will thank me for directing you it's way. Type in your favorite Psalm or Christian quote, and it puts it into a "word cloud" for you! Try it! It's amazing! Print it and post it somewhere you will read it frequently. Meditate on the single words. 

This is one I made from Psalm 139

Silence- Sit in your room or closet and just be before God. In complete silence. COMPLETE. No coughing, no sniffling (bring tissues), just sit in complete silence for a couple minutes. Meditate on His name, His qualities, His blessings. 

There are so many other ideas, but there is just a sampling of things to come for my Lifegroup! 

What are some ways you worship uniquely?


  1. Marybeth, thanks for sharing these. I really like body confession prayer and tagxedo ( I will try this one for sure!).


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