1 Week

     I can't help but realize how different baby #2's birth is going to be. 
Different for the good, that is. 
A week before Jeremiah's birth, I was preparing for my husband to have brain surgery, forgetting, almost entirely, that I was pregnant. 
I get the entire week before (if I don't go into labor early) to prepare and pray and write and really get ready...like I had dreamed of doing with Jeremiah. So much was taken from us with his birth, so much of it is a blur. Praise God for His strength and Grace through it all!

I plan on relishing every single second with #2. 

I pray the morning of the C-Section is filled with prayers of joy and thanksgiving. 
I pray the C-Section goes smoothly and that God guides the doctor's hands.
I pray that the 17th of November would be a joyous, carefree day, full of love and peace.
I pray that the fear would finally go away; that I would be able to enjoy these last days.
In the name of Jesus, may it be so...


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your little one! =)


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