Breast is Best

I am doing it. I am really doing it. 

I am a breastfeeding Mama. 

My son is living and growing because he is getting food that is actually from me.

I feel blessed. I feel humbled. I feel...sore.

With the many blessings and benefits that come with breastfeeding, there are also terrible woes that almost make you want to give up. Almost. And because this is my first time actually going through with it (I did not breastfeed with Jeremiah,) I'm getting to experience all of these wonderful "perks" for the first time.

The blessings far outweigh these minor inconveniences, but they are still there, still a part of this new lifestyle I have come to live. Here is a peek into my new existence as a breastfeeding Mama.

*Having another human being attached to and sucking my breasts constantly is

*Waking up every 30 minutes because he just wants to "suck"

*Hickeys. Enough said.

*Wondering whether or not he got enough during that 2hr feeding. Realizing he didn't when he wakes up 20 minutes later and feeds for another 2 hrs.

*I am thirsty, terribly thirsty

*Have breasts quadruple the size they ever have been, even in your dreams

*The uterus contracting...I know this is a good wonderful thing too, but it HURTS. Good thing it doesn't last long.

Now....the Blessings

*Your son falling asleep after feeding with a smile on his face and breast milk running out of his mouth

*Your breasts being quadruple the size they ever have been, even in your dreams

*How bonded you feel to your son so early on

*Knowing that you are producing milk that is keeping your child alive and healthy

*burning up to 500 calories a day just by sitting in a chair all day?! Heck yes!

*this is FREE!

*feeling like a super mommy

*my husband being so very proud of me (:

I love this new existence


  1. Thanks for this! I, too will breastfeed! Have you gotten lanilin? It comes in a purple tube and is very thick! You put it on every time afterwards... I have been putting it on already because it will help them not crack and all that uncomfortable stuff. You can get it at walmart. Please let me know if your unable to get it and I will gladly get you some! =)

    P.S. The last picture made me say, "He looks just like her." And he does Marybeth...he looks so much like you! I think he has your nose!

  2. I just reread this because now I GET IT.

    Everything you wrote....I'm right there with you especially the soreness (OUUUCHHHH) and how big they are (holy cow!) and oh yeah definitely the fact that he wakes up twenty minutes after feeding!

  3. :)

    Has he given you a hickey yet? Judah gave me 3 right on top of each out for those! :D

  4. "*Your son falling asleep after feeding with a smile on his face and breast milk running out of his mouth."

    That is my FAVORITE one, as well. The "milk drunk" look, as my nurses put it.

    It's amazing how much it can hurt! They didn't tell me that at the hospital, so I was totally unprepared. I almost gave up after a few days. Jake said he'd support me, as I sat and sobbed with Spencer drinking away. I was just overwhelmed as could be thinking "a year of this pain might kill my spirits," truthfully, that's what I thought.

    But, way to go for sticking through it!


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