We finally purchased batteries! I've been wanting to share all the crafting and decorating that has been going on at the Thielke household for some time now. Hope you enjoy!! 

My husband was really sad that all the Thanksgiving decorations were being taken down in the living room. He said I spent so much time on them and they were so cute, it was wrong to take them down so soon! Isn't he sweet? So I made him happy by moving them all into the kitchen! 

So easy to make! And I'm not sure if I spelled it wrong, but I don't really care ;)

Simple :)
I made those out of scrapbook paper! I love how they turned out!
I really loved pumpkins this year!
And now for the Christmas decorating we've done!

The tree skirt I made by hand! It looks cuter in real life! 

Our cute tree!

My husband drew the little shiny marks around the 1 ;)

I love decorating for Christmas! Now it's done before baby comes!! 


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