My baby Judah

     You are here, laying beside me in the hospital bed. Your breathing is fast, your puffy red eyes closed to a bright loud world. Every now and then you kick and squirm...and I am overwhelmed with how well I know you already. Those movements, those kicks. My heart is swelling, ready to burst with a crazy, full love. Everything about you, I adore. Your tiny little chin, your dark hair, your deep blue eyes, squashy fat rolls all over your body.  I'm hesitant to let you out of my sight, for I am afraid you will come back and be all grown up, just like your "big" brother. Please, don't grow up just yet. Let's cuddle and sleep together and breathe each other in for a while longer. Let's dwell in the now, every part of us, soaking up every divine second of love. 


  1. So precious.

    Isn't it great to just see him and know what he looks like? I cannot wait! =)


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