New Traditions

I'm tired of letting past events bring me down in the present. 
I'm not saying it's not okay to reminisce. 

But "there is a time to mourn and a time to dance."

Saturday, I felt like dancing. And so I did. 

It was the 8 year anniversary of my Mom's death. For the past 8 years on that day I've cried and remembered and submerged myself in the past. 
This year I felt like celebrating her life and the fact that I was given the absolute privilege of being her daughter for 14 years of my life.

We decided that every November 13th, we are going to put our tree up, play happy Christmas music, and decorate our house. It's going to be a day of happiness and joy. Of family.
We are going to remember her laugh, her giggle, her odd sense of humor. We will remember all the special traits she passed on to her three daughters. 

And I feel okay about this. I don't want to be sad for the rest of my life on November 13th. I will remember her, and I will remember her well, but I will not wallow or mourn anymore. That season has ended, and a new season has dawned.

A season of dancing! 

(Pictures of the tree and the handmade tree skirt coming up soon *when we can afford batteries hehe*) 


  1. A good thing to do!

    Its okay to be sad, but its also okay to be happy and joyful! That's what your mama would want!


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