Thankfully Tuesday :)

I am so thankful for...

*The promise of an eggnog latte at 2pm

*Family coming this week to celebrate sweet life

*A Christmas Tree with pretty lights

*New friends made through blogging and Twitter

*My second son almost here...oh how I have dreamed of you little one!

*An incredible husband...incredible

*Raisin Bran...double scoops :)

*Christmas shopping officially DONE

*The hope of pants fitting once again

*God's humbling provision

*The fact that I haven't had a pop in over a month! Go me!

*Tylenol for teething 1 year olds

*Reconnecting with friends and family after a 7 month hiatus from Facebook

*Having a photographer for baby #2's birth

*Being able to tell everyone his name soon!


  1. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Thank you for sharing all that you do with your blog.


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