It happened so suddenly. So unexpectedly. I was left with little to no time to really realize what was happening. In the blink of an eye I was hit with full force. Never before had anything like this taken place in my heart...
     I was walking in Wal-Mart with my husband. We were browsing, grateful to be out of the confines of our small townhouse for the afternoon. I was holding his hand, he was talking about something random and slightly unimportant. 
     Then he walked by. And my heart stopped. I almost stopped walking. This man that just walked by me...I didn't know him. I had never seen him before. But those the tiny span of time he walked by me and glanced at my husband, I saw novels of pain and suffering. There was a story behind those eyes that wrote of loss and emptiness. It was so apparent I was stunned my husband didn't notice.
     And then it hit me. That hopeless, so lost, so alone...he very well could end up in Hell. And then I looked around me at all the people walking by, one lady angrily talking into a cell phone, another with a neck brace and sadness in her smile, a child quiet and withdrawn...these beautiful people created in the image of a beautiful God...very well could be going to Hell if they were to die. 
     That should have been enough to spur me into action. That should have been enough to convince me to stop someone and share the life changing impact Christ has had on my life and could have on their's. But it didn't....I was too shaken. Those eyes, such sadness, such pain...I felt it and it was mine and it was too much. All I could do was bite my tongue to not cry out, and beg the Lord to find him, woo him back to Himself, heal the torn up places in his heart. Help him feel loved and special. I am ashamed that I stood silent while he walked away, a man searching the eyes of another to find the reason for such joy, and being left with no answer. 
     Wal-Mart is a great place to people watch. Men and women from all walks of life browse the isles, some searching for food for their families, some there to pass the time to get away from family. But that day I saw men and women who needed a Savior. Men and woman who needed to be told there is hope for their lives, that this isn't all there is. Men and women who have been lied to and told that they are useless and insignificant and altogether ugly. I love them. I love these people and it hurts that I lack the courage to stop them and look them in the eye and tell them that they are loved and that Jesus has a plan for them, a plan that involves healing and freedom and...Jesus. 
     Oh Lord God! Give me a fiery courage to stand up and not hide in the shadow of fear! I throw off the fear of what others think of me. I know you, and they don't, and they need to. They would love you and they need to know how much You love them. Burn away all that is me so that there is nothing left. Re-prioritize my heart, my life. It's not about walking through Wal-Mart to grab dinner and leave. It's about life being a breath and helping others find Jesus before their's is gone. 


  1. Very stirring post. While one does want to be courageous enough to reflect the light of Christ in the midst of darkness. I do applaud that you were alert enough to even notice the pain and sadness. It's so easy to go about in a hurry and never stop to notice what lies behind smiles.


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