I find it fun to compare siblings. (But only in looks, everything else gets pretty sticky.) It's exciting to pick out facial characteristics they share. Am I lame or does anyone else do this?

     I was absolutely shocked when Judah was born. He didn't look at all like Jeremiah! I'm not sure what I was expecting...another Jeremiah to pop out, an exact twin to the first? Nevertheless, I was genuinely surprised. I had only had one child before and only had him to compare the new one to. 

     Judah was smaller, even though he weighed more (Don't ask me how, it's a mystery.) His head was tiny, Jeremiah's was huge. He had tons of hair, Jeremiah was a baldy! He SCREAMED and screamed when he was born; Jeremiah squawked once or twice then blinked at everyone. Judah took to breastfeeding almost instantly; Jeremiah was having nothing to do with it. 

     It's been interesting to observe this even in things not related to facial features or weight...

 Like Judah loves to be swaddled. Loves it. He could be swaddled all day long, but it gets kind of difficult breastfeeding a swaddled baby. Jeremiah screamed and screamed until we let him out, then he fell asleep. Judah wants to be rocked, butt patted, shooshed and cooed at before he falls asleep. Jeremiah...could fall asleep all alone on a rock and be totally fine. \(We never put him to sleep on a rock, FYI) Judah is so dramatic...he has this little pathetic cry he does when he isn't being paid attention to, or when he hasn't been held in 30 seconds. I wish you could see it. It's a single deep throated whine that is actually pretty hilarious. Jeremiah chilled all by himself whenever we put him down. He never wanted to be held. Jeremiah took to a pacifier when he was two weeks old and didn't let it go till 10 months when I weaned him. We can get Judah to take a pacy maybe once a week. Maybe. *sigh*



  I sometimes wonder how they could be brothers. But then I think about my sister, Crystal, and I shake my head and smile. Of course siblings can be exact opposites. 

Me- blond, blue eyes, and yes, that IS a Sturgis shirt
Crystal- Brown hair, hazel brown eyes

     My sister and I are 13 1/2 months apart. Judah and Jeremiah are 13 1/2 months apart. Crystal is dark haired, dark complected, I am fair skinned and light haired. Judah is dark haired and dark complected, Jeremiah fair skinned fair haired. The similarities are huge. It really amazes me. 
The older these two get, the more I know they are going to be SO very different. It's going to be so fun.

Happy Monday everybody! 

Randomness for the Day:

For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

1 Peter 4:17 (New International Version, ©2010)


  1. They are very different, but I think what will be most fun is to find ways they are the same!

  2. Loved this post!

    You find it hard to breastfeed him when swaddled? Braden's hands seem to get in the way, so its definitely easier to feed him while he's swaddled!

    Can't wait to see how they are similar/different as they continue to grow up!

  3. I compare my two all the time. At first they looked so much alike and now that the baby is six months, he's really got his own look going.

  4. i think they look so much alike in the first picture! so sweet

  5. Tiffany Pracht12/28/10, 5:58 PM

    I was going to do this with kaleigh and collin... Besides the fact one is a boy and one is a girl the differences between them are just like your two... Kaleigh was sooo dramatic and collin is fine doing whatever when ever. only time he gets upset is when he wants to eat.... although they look soooo much alike but so different...

  6. There really is something to birth order, I just know it. My eldest and youngest are so much like yours in differences. Pretty much total opposites, but the craziest thing is that fresh out of the womb they could have passed for the same baby! My eldest is strawberry blonde, blue eyed with my pale complexion, and my little girl has darker hair, darker blue eyes and her Daddy's dark complexion. It makes me want to have a few more just to see what they look like.... ;)


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