I will return

I close my eyes and rest my head in your hands...
I have missed you, I have longed for your tenderness. 
A sigh escapes and I feel a tear slip out and fall on your gentle hands.
 You are still, your head rested on mine. 
There are no words, not here. 
There are almost never any words for this moment. 
Just silence and feeling, a knowing that you are here, you were always here; 
I was the one who let you go. 

I feel my heart lighten as your love seeps in through openness.
 I don't want to cry, but the reasons are shameful. 
I feel so far away Abba...life has torn my eyes off our romance. 
I have forgotten whose I am. 
I have forgotten the Truth about who I am. 
The brilliance of new life has taken on a grimy film of gray. 
I beg for renewing.
 I gasp for stripping.
 I cry out for your fire to extinguish all that is me. 

Oh, love me! Sweep me back into your strong arms and whirl me around. 
Speak words of love into my hungry heart, words that are forever, words that will never dull.
 I have sought out your love in others, and they have failed.
 I was wrong to have searched in any other place. 

I adore everything about you. 
You are what I was made for. 
You are who I belong to.
I am complete when I am with you. 

Break me of this affair with the world. 
Consume me with all of you. 
I have never known love like this. 
It is strong. 
It is eternal.
It is real and raw and life-altering. 

I love you. 
I love you so much.
All the words in the whole wide world could not do justice 
to the depth and height and width of my love.
May I be forever seeking to show you this love, and forever seeking your love for me.


  1. Oh. my. goodness. This is breathtaking.
    So very beautiful.


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