What Christmas Means To The Thielke's

This past year God has been stripping us of a lot.

Facebook. Cell Phones. Television. Having a Television. 
Among other things....

It's been amazing to see what He has been replacing those worldly things with...

Peace. Clarity. Passion. Relationship. 
Among other things...

Now God is working on BIG areas.

Adoption. No more kids of our own. Homeschooling. Christmas.
Among other big areas...

This Christmas is going to look VERY different from our first two together.
God has convicted us that Christmas isn't about us at all.

It's about Jesus...only Jesus.


We felt moved to throw out all the "worldly" traditions, and start some of our own...
Some that focused more on Jesus and less on us.

Things like:
No more gift giving to each other.
Giving Jesus gifts that mean something.
Making Christmas cookies in the shape of the Nativity.
Saving money throughout the year to give to someone in need on Christmas.
Teaching our children why Jesus was born, why He died, and what that really means. 

I have been anticipating this Christmas more than any other in my life.
I can't wait to celebrate Jesus for a whole day...

Giving Him gifts, singing Him songs, Focusing on His birth

It will be refreshing to not be focusing on ourselves for once.

The Shepherds

The Wise Men and a Camel

The Lamb

The Family

Mother and Son

The camel wants to eat his hair...silly camel

What are you doing this season to really give Jesus the focus and attention He deserves on His birthday, and every other day of the year?

Merry Christmas Eve My Friends!

This explains itself :)


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