7 Things I Love

I saw a post like this one on someone elses site (I always forget where I've been!)
But I loved it so much I am going to do one! 

The more I grow as a Mommy, the more I love it. It honestly feels like I've been a Mommy for 20 years. I don't remember what I did with all my time before I became one! 
Motherhood is sure hard. Harder than a lot of things I've been a part of in my life. But the rewards, how you get to see these tiny humans grow, how you grow, and the unbreakable bond you form with them...it's all so worth it. 

I love to blog. I have been blogging for many years, probably since I was a freshman in Highschool. Back then I was on Xanga. Oh how times have changed! I remember blogging about the "cute Mormon boys" sitting on the Library computer next to me. *Rolling eyes.*
 Blogging has become something incredible for me. I get to share what I am going through, the struggles, the pain, the amazing parts of being in a relationship with Jesus. I fullheartedly believe that you do not go through trials only for your own good. You go through them for other's good as well. They can learn, they can see how you handled it, or get inspiration from your triumph. Blogging is a way for me to show the world that God is real, and that He is making a difference in my life. 

I love marriage.  In a culture where marriage is becoming either a trend or a hobby to discard at the first sign of difficulty, finding the true joy of marriage is a blessing and a reward. And I love it even more since reading the book "Sacred Marriage' by Gary Thomas. This book says things like"If you want to be free to serve Jesus, there's no question -- stay single. Marriage takes a lot of time. But if you want to become like Jesus, I can't imagine any better thing to do than to get married. Being married forces you to face some character issues you'd never have to face otherwise." -p. 21 For the past 2 1/2 years God has been teaching us what it means to have a godly marriage. We have by NO means "arrived" at a perfect marriage. Yet through all we've been through is such a short time, we understand more then ever that marriage was created to draw us nearer to the heart of God. And, it's just a lot of fun! 
Do you get my picture? "Tying the knot" :) Clever, eh?

There is something about cracking open the crisp pages of a soft or hard bound book that just make my heart sigh with contentment. With each flip of the page I am drawn further into a mystery, a theological discussion, or a faith-filled pure romance that makes me praise God for my husband. With everything in the world going digital, I have had to stop myself and wonder, would I really want a Kindle? Would reading really be the same? I'm not so sure. 

There are billions of them on the face of the earth. You come into contact with hundreds of them a day. They are all different, all beautiful. People. I love people. I'm sort of shy when it comes to conversing with you all in person, but I love to hear your stories, I love to get to know who you really are. I love hearing about your hopes, your dreams, your failures. I long to help you overcome fears and be healed from the pain you carry around deep inside. I love you, and I'm here for you.

I'm a country girl at heart, it's true. Maybe it was my Mom's country fried chicken and mashed potatoes, or maybe how my step-dad always found a house to live in that came with a couple acres and a chicken coop. I don't know why, but I do know that I love to feel the dirt road under my bare feet and a wild flower in between my callused hands. I love the fresh air heavy with the musk of skunk. There is just something about crickets singing on a cool summer's evening that completes me. I do long to live there one day, if the Lord leads. 

Flowers. God was so creative with His creation, don't you think? I cannot get enough of flowers, and thank God He gave me a husband who understands this! Just in the past week alone Trevor has come home with two sets of flowers for me! I love this man! I am convinced that each flower or bouquet I get, God created especially for me. Think about it...they are grown, then you get them till they die. It's like God created that single flower just for you to enjoy. What an amazing thought! 

Happy Hump Day! The weekend isn't too far away! 


  1. I love this post!!!

    Being a mommy only gets better and better!! Being a mom of adult kids, I can say that I have loved every single stage...ok, maybe not teenager. :)

    blogging has added so much richness to my life and I have made friends I never would have known!

    Marriage...after almost 27 years, I love being married too. and even more, I love the man I am married to...with all my heart!

    I do have a kindle. And the reason I love it over a book is that I can enlarge the text...yes, it stinks to get old!

    I enjoyed reading this!

  2. This was so neat, and I love it! I'm a country girl, too. Living in the city (which are still rural suburbs) is sooo hard for me. I have kept chickens in my backyard because I miss them from home. ;)

  3. @Sara- Two boys 13months apart...I'm not really looking forward to the teenage years myself. :he) Thanks for the comment!

    @LeAnna- There's just something about the country, huh? I wish I could keep chickens where I live, but I don't think the Property Manager would take kindly to that idea ;) Thanks for the comment!

  4. What a beautiful post. And I love your blog template too! Very lovely. Thanks for sharing all this sweet stuff and encouraging me to love better tonight.

  5. I Love, love, love this post.....beautiful to acknowledge all these different parts of you and your love of life!


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