I'm awkward and awesome!

 I visited the coolest blog today, thanks to my friend Kassie, where she had her button on her blog...The Daybook by Syd. I was on her site for just a couple minutes and loved her already! And, I found this link on her side bar, where it led me to a link party that sounds like too much fun! So I'm linking up with her today and sharing some of my awkward and awesome moments! 


* Going to an ugly sweater party and you and your husband are the only ones wearing ugly sweaters (what?!)
* A friend's van window imploding right on top of you
* Talking baby poop talk with other mom's on facebook...needed, but still awkward
*  When your son walks up to a stranger at Coldstone and wants them to hold him...5 times in a row
*Thinking someone means one thing, when they meant the exact opposite
*Skype date with a friend and not having a webcam- realizing this as we are skyping
* Not knowing what DIY meant *blush*


* Being a part of this amazing online forum where Grace and Love abound, and where you can share your struggles without being judged
* A husband who is willing to get 5 hours of sleep a night just so that he can stay up with you and the baby
* The book "Lost Mission" by Athol Dickson. My husband and I are reading it together and it's incredible!
* We get school grant money soon, which will help with Trevor's books...$400? Really people?
*I have a penpal! I love writing and receiving letters!
*We got a lamp in our living room finally. It's awesomness for only $20.
* Dancing to "Hey Soul Sister" with your boys :) UH-Mazing

(I will post a good long blog soon! stay tuned!)



  1. I am glad you did this! I wish I could...but not sure what to write!

    DIY=Do It Yourself

  2. Haha- I know what DIY means now...but I didn't before, and it was funny. I was like, "What is this DIY and why is everyone doing it? What am I missing out on?"

  3. Hey now, Jake and I showed up, with SPencer, in ugly sweaters! We were just late!

    I love penpals, too. One of my dearest friends is a penpal, she lives in LA, and she has suffered with infertility alongside me. We both had sons in 2010. :) Just like Jillian! Pure awesome!

  4. marybeth you find the most instresting things on line. well i guess in this case it was your friend but you always find interesting things to put in your blogs!!!!!!!! it makes you extra awesome. :)

  5. @Nicole- Oh that's right! I remembering being So relieved when you guys showed up! It was SO awkward at first being the only ones! :D

    @tiffany- haha, thanks so much!

  6. I loooove numbers 6 and 8 on your list! hahaha!
    You rock! Love ya girl!

  7. I've totally talked baby poop online and in person. Awkward Mom's unite! :) This was cute!


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