A New Year

A year left behind, another stretching out before me. Moments and memories have been tightly bound together and locked somewhere deep within...fresh joy and excitement for what lies ahead has replaced. 

2010 was a year full of many things...








There were MRI's...I could hardly breathe as I sat in the waiting rooms, 'waiting' to hear what the Neurosurgeon would say. I have never felt nervousness like I felt on those days.

There was a positive pregnancy test...one that left me weeping in the bathroom, weak in the arms of my husband, scared for what this meant and not sure I wanted it.

There were new jobs and jobs lost. Dreams found and dreams lost. New life. 

Each year my husband and I have been married...something HUGE has happened.

 Is it okay for me to just want a quiet 2011?


  1. I think it's definitely okay, and I can relate. I'm praying for some rest this year! Don't think I'll be getting any physical rest, but I'll take some spiritual and mental rest for sure.


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