Writer's Block

I love to write. I have every single journal I've ever written since 5th grade tucked away in storage. I plan on writing a book and being published one day. Lately though,
I haven't been able to write one single line on my own... 
I think it may be because...
*Our laptop computer broke and we took it in to get fixed...they accidentally put it into the pile where the hard drives were to get wiped clean...
*Trevor's MRI was today, and for the two weeks before, I'm always a basket case full of nerves
*As I've said in recent posts, I'm struggling with PPD
*Money issues seem to be getting less and less (some grant money came in and we had a little bit extra from school), but the stress doesn't seem to be going away...not sure how that works
*Two babies in diapers...I seem to spend a lot of my time changing diapers or putting babies to sleep
*The weather has been disgusting...snow and wind and bitter cold...I swear you would get frostbite if you were out there for very long!


So as you can see, this thing called "life" has been absolutely positively nuts. I've been trying to write a couple blogs, but every time I sit down to the computer, I get half way through, look at it and crinkle my nose...no, a baby didn't poop, but my blog STINKS. I have so many ideas, but every time I get them on the screen, I'm just thinking, "Where am I going with this? What was I thinking?"

I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself. This blog started out as a way to share inspiration and a way to keep you all updated on my life. But now that I actually have followers, I'm letting the pressure get to me. I don't want to write about what's popular. I want to write about what I am passionate about. I want to write about what makes my heart tighten and my pulse race. Things like adoption and salvation and sacrifice and loss and love.

So...here's to starting anew! Here's to taking the pressure off of myself, and allowing myself the grace to write about whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want. Here's to freedom in the blogosphere.

And here is something I found that I thought was super cool! It's a website called Picasa. Have you heard about it? It's a site where you can go and get pictures to post on your blog, for free! If you haven't noticed, I love putting pictures in my blogs...I think they add SO much. They can say things words sometimes can't. Go check it out!

Thank The Good Lord It's Friday, Eh?


  1. i hate writers block, like you i keep a journal (mostly of poems or quotes). since i've become a mom i dont write that much anymore either but i'm hoping to start more since i'm bloging... you should blog about whatever you want. i know i'm here to read about you! not judge. :) and i love picasa!!! i have it down loaded on my computer(FOR FREE) and it has awesome editing stuff too!!! and keeps my pictures orginized and makes it easy to put online. great way to back up photos you dont want to lose....

  2. I know this feeling well! It happened after my 2nd was born, too. I never was a super avid (or more like good, I should say) writer. I've always liked to scribble everywhere, but prose is my most common rut.
    Being a Momma to young babies is hard work. Don't pressure yourself, and write about what's relevant to you. These seasons of life don't last forever, and there are no rules.
    I'm sorry you're struggling with PPD. I had it pretty bad with my 1st...


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