3 Months of Love

Dear Judah,
     Could there be a cuter baby in this big wide world? I think not. Cuteness defines you, and as you get older, you just get cuter. 
     You are already 3 months old. I had to stop and catch my breath...3 months old? It can't be. But then I see the date circled in red on the calendar, and by golly, you are even 1 week 1 day past 3 months. 
     You are one of the brightest spots in my life right now. I simply cannot get enough of you. The smell of your hair, the way your baby hands feel right after a bath, how you feel sleeping in my arms. It's as if the whole universe were wrapped up in little bitty you. 
     One thing you've started doing lately is laughing. Not just little chuckles but deep jolly belly laughs that never fail to reduce you to painful hiccups. I cry every single time you do this, because that is the only way I know how to express so much joy. You couldn't laugh last week, and now you can. What will next week hold?
     You've started sucking on your fingers. You knew they were there before, but you never knew how good they tasted till a couple days ago. It's the only thing that will keep you calm in your car seat. I love your fingers almost as much as you do. Sometimes they must come with odd flavors, like dust-bunnies or Jeremiah-drool, because you make the funniest faces as you stuff them in your mouth. 
     And alas, we have accomplished you sleeping without being swaddled. It only took 1 day and whole lot of courage on my end, but you now fall asleep faster than before. You don't sleep through the night yet, but that 5 am feeding is just fine with me. I'm working on not keeping you in bed with me when you are done; I know it's better if you learn to sleep on your own now. I sure miss those early days...
     Sometimes I have to do a double take, because I think I see your big brother as a baby when you smile or make a certain face. You two will be so close, bonded together by the love of brothers. Every time he comes up to talk to you or kiss you or poke your eye, which is often, you get the biggest smile on your face. You love him. He loves you. I am so blessed.
     You have now been alive for over a year. Granted, you spent 9 of those months attached to me by a squashy cord, but you were loved, still cherished, still alive.  

     Here are some songs I sing to you daily....

(Sung in the tune of Winnie the Pooh) 
Judah, Judah Manuuuu-da. Oh what fun, having you as a sooooon. 

(Sung in the tune of Shoo fly)
Judah, please bother me, 
Judah, please bother me, 
Judah, please bother me, 
cuz you are myyy, baaaby

Judah Manuda. 
Judah cub.

I just love you all to pieces.


  1. Adorable!! Congrats mommy!You are doing an amazing job dear friend!!

  2. AMAZING PICTURES! i love judah smile, he apears to be a very happy baby! its amazing how time flies! very cute songs! :)

  3. What a doll! And, so strong.

    Wonderful captures.

  4. My favorite song for Judah is:

    Judah Judah Judah Judah Rockin' Every Where!
    Rockin' Every Where! Rockin' Every WHERE!
    I found you Mr. Judah! Your my baby and you couldn't be cuta!

    (to the tune of Ms. New Booty) :)


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