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Amid trials hard, temptations strong, and troubles constant, true faith is persevering faith. 

Author Unknown


     Madame Guyon. I have started reading this book several times, then life got in the way and I put it down, forgetting about it for several months at a time. Today, it beckoned me once again to sit awhile and read it's old and yellowed pages. This book has always called me unto itself, as if it knows I need it. And after reading it today, I know I do desperately need it. I have not gotten far, but what I have uncovered about Madame Guyon is startling. I see myself, my life, my heart, written on these pages. I see myself in her struggles with vanity and abuse. I feel my heart resonate with the depth of her love for our Creator and God. Her story is heartbreaking and soul-freeing all at the same time. She says things that just bring my heart to it's knees, gasping for air as Truth weighs it down. I cant' get enough of it. This is what is truly important in life: taking up your crosses and seeing everything you endure as way to ultimately bring you closer to God and to glorify Him. It doesn't matter how hard, how brutal...it's worth it. You should read this Autobiography. 

     Jeremiah is growing more and more every single day. He can talk in sentences, and there isn't a word we can say that he can't, or at least get close to saying. He says things like, "Take a bath," and "More please." He is constantly doing something that makes me stop and just stare in wonder. And he's also getting to that rebellious toddler stage. He likes to throw fits now if he doesn't get his way. We just ignore him until he's done, then he gets up walks away and starts playing. That's how we handle that. Not sure if that will work in the middle of Wal-Mart one day. Oh, and he also likes to do something he isn't supposed to, get told "No" and then he has this little smirk that says, "I'm so cute and I don't care if you say no, I'm going to do to it anyways." Which doesn't go over well for him. He's a baby and he's learning and he seems to learn best from trial and error. Don't we all?

     We made a mask for craft one day, McKenna and I. I get all inspired and make all these crafts with her, and I don't really know if she goes home and throws them away or plays with them. I do it more for the journey of making it though. I am a hands-on kind of person, and I just love to sit and mindlessly create something beautiful. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :) But all this mask making got me to thinking about the masks I wear. I wear a lot of them. Guarded and insecure around other women. Strong and put-together at Church. Shy and quiet with new friends. All-knowing mommy and "perfect" housewife at home. Sometimes I wonder who I really am, if I were to take all those masks away. And then I think, life is too short to going through it pretending to be somebody you are not. The world would be a lot better place if you were yourself. If I was myself. 

My Trevor. My love. Lately, life has been so hard. We are trying to stay above the water and not get sucked down into the swirling abyss of stress and indecision. He amazes me at his stability and ability to keep calm and carry on. He knows when to leave me alone to my thoughts and when to prod into my silence. There are some major changes taking place in our life, and I'm so glad he's here to hold my hand through it all. 
It's not easy, and I ask for your prayers. 

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  1. Lovely post as always! you guys have been in our prayers!


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