Miss Hasty

 When it comes to life and living, there are many things I cup in my hands, tenderly kneel and enjoy, moment by moment. Things like a steaming cup of tea before bed while snuggled up in a warm blanket, open Bible in lap. Or a happy baby all toothy smiles and bubbly giggles. Moments like those I savor, drinking in the warm peace each second brings to my heart.   

But in all reality, that's not how I live my daily life. I wish it were so. I wish I could say I stopped and smelled the roses at every special moment, and didn't take life too fast or want the next step too soon. But that's not who I am. I am who I like to call, Miss Hasty. 

   Hasty: heedless eagerness

I cannot wait for surprises. I somehow get my husband to tell me every time. I want to buy a house and start making it my own. Now. I want winter to be over and spring to be here. Now.  I want to buy books this month and not wait to save till next month. I hurry from home to the store and cannot wait till a more opportune time.  I'm hasty with life. 

Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words?
There is more hope of a fool than of him. Prov.29.

 I can't be philosophical or wise with words all the time because I get antsy and I want to post a blog...you guessed it, NOW.  That may be why lately I've posted about every 3 or 4 days. I want my posts to mean something. I want to sit and revel in the story telling. I want to say something worth reading, and make sure my words do not hurt and tear down. 

I challenge you, friends, along with myself, to actually take the time...

To look out your kitchen window and enjoy the view.
To breathe in your child's babyness. 
To bask in the weak light of a winter's day.
To savor the taste of morning's coffee. 

Do not rush. Do not push.
And smell the roses. 

Blessings on this hump day dear friends! Take heart, the weekend is not far off! 


  1. I agree, i rush around in life a lot! so i know where you are coming from here. I think i will try harder to take life in at a slower pace and enjoy every day as much as i can. :) great post marybeth!

  2. I find myself rushing through things sometimes, too. I went to the Landmark Forum a year ago, and was working on "being present" in every single moment of the day. And I was getting close, and was staying there, for quite a few months. And then... I started falling out of present moments and into "getting through" things. Like, getting through the dishes, or through a feeding even, sometimes to move onto what I thought would be "bigger" or "better" or more exciting, or more "useful" times. And then, one day, I was doing dishes, or at least running water into the sink, and got all caught up in the creation of bubbles... and that's when I found myself being present in a small moment of joy, an unexpected one. And I kicked myself (mentally) for letting myself slip out of present moments so often. I'm still working on it.


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