My week in pictures~ P365

Jeremiah got some good Daddy time in on Sunday.
I'm pretty sure Jeremiah would read ALL day if he could. He loves books.

Happy Valentine's Day!
We have a tradition where we bake sugar cookies then decorate them for each other.
We also went and saw The Eagle, well, no we saw about 15 minutes of it then left.
We're renewing our vows to only watch PG or under.
Then we went and had crappy coffee at Perkins and hung like the old was so needed.  

Tuesday I was worrying about our future.
We are going to be making some very big decisions soon.
I just had to get out my prayer rock and meditate on
Jeremiah 29:11.


I just can't get enough of this little guy. He's getting SO big.
He fits into size 2 diapers and wears 6m clothing!
I'm just amazed.
My lovely friend Sheena came over for Kairos,
and I baked Apple Cinnamon muffins and we had hot tea.
I just love me some fellowship and tea. 

Oh what to say about Friday?
Jeremiah was sick and I took both boys to the Urgent Care Center by myself.
Read about it here. I'm sure you will find it a lot funnier than I did at the time!

I gave both boys baths during the day because I needed to kill some time while Trevor worked.
I get so lonely and bored!
Anways, the light coming in was perfect.
His eyes just hold everything there is to hold. I love him. So much.

I pray your Sabbath is full of wonder of The Creator who loves you deeply and wildly

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  1. Wonderful photos. Looks like a great week. So cute about the sugar cookies. Thanks for linking up.

  2. I'll be praying for your decision making to go in the right direction.

    Your family is so beautiful.

    Have a blessed week,

  3. You take amazing photos! I'm hoping to get a good (or at least decent) camera while we're on furlough later this year -- and learn to use it :)
    The last one of your little guy after bath time is too precious!
    I'm rather fond of fellowship and tea myself :) I do miss having girlfriends I can communicate with... I have friends here but my lack of language skills makes it difficult to really share much. But I am improving! :)
    Hope your boys are feeling better! Have a great week :)

  4. love all your pics
    sweet feet!
    bath pic is awesome, too!
    enjoyed your site

  5. So sorry to hear about your "night of being a single mommy" but at least it is now behind you and you are a little wiser, right? :0)

    AND you got great pics of your kiddos this week!

  6. Tea and fellowship are wonderful... only I would serve coffee if my guest takes it!! ha ha! =) I love the baby bath pic... very sweet times!!

  7. We drink Red Rose tea as well. You meditation stone is beautiful as well!

  8. Your baby pics are awesome and I hope your little ones are feeling better.

    Been going through a lot of transitions of our own and I will try to remember to pray for you guys this week as you seek to make your decisions.

  9. Precious!!! I LOVE your Jer 29:11 prayer rock!!! Have a blessed week!

  10. Jer 29:11 is one of my FAV that you have the prayer rock with it on cool. Hoping that you find the peace you need in the upcoming weeks and the decisions that you will be making. Love that pic of baby and his expression...priceless. And daddy/son time is the best!

  11. Love your little guys....especially the one of you and the baby in sepia. That picture is priceless.

  12. @Sarah- Thanks! I love a good link up! It's fun!

    @Mimi- thank you so much for your precious prayers, I really appreciate them. Thank you thank you!

    @Kim- I only have a Cannon Power Shot A590 with 8 Mega Pixels. I purchased it on Amazon for cheap. I love to use Picnik and doctor up my photos! ;) There is nothing quite like memories in pictures; it's a worthy investment!

    @skoots1mom- Thanks so much! I know, jeremiah has chunky little feet, I love them so much! :)

    @RaD- I am a lot wiser! Now I know I can at least accomplish that great feat! :) Next time I will be able to do with a lot more courage!

    @Seizing my day- Mmmm...I love coffee also. Perhaps next meeting I will serve coffee. We have lots of that also; my husband works at Starbucks! :)

    @The Cyber Hermit- They are feeling a lot better, thank you! Sounds like you are going through a lot too, I will pray for you. Thanks for the comment friend

    @Wylie- Thank you! I bought it at a Christian store here in SF and it's such a great reminder! You have a blessed week also!!!

    @McCrakensx4- Thank you, thank you so much. Peace is definitely something we need!

    @Stillmagnolia- Thank you :) That is my husband's favorite as well!


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