P365 (A tad late)

Sunday was crazy day for the Thielke's. We went to Church twice. We were gone all day, so I didn't get a chance to write out my P365 post. Well, here it is!

Trevor has Sunday's off now! The WHOLE day! Judah had fun with Daddy.

Monday was a hard day. 
Jeremiah is still teething, and it seemed like nothing really helped, except food. 
Go figure. :)  And we stayed in our pajamas all day. It was so nice.

My hubby likes to see me smile, and he knows I love flowers. 
I love him!

Judah fell asleep in his car seat, which he doesn't usually do. It was too cute to pass up!

I was really excited for my Swap Party on Friday, and I planned and got ready!

Swap Party time! It was so much fun! 
The ladies brought a ton of stuff, and we all went home pretty happy, I believe. :)

Have you ever had Italian Style Wedding soup?
I tried it, liked it for about 3 minutes, 
then had to dump it out. 

Sorry for the late post :) 


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  1. Great week! Love the pics! The soup was that bad, hugh? Was it a cold or hot soup? Hummm...

  2. Yeah, it was that bad. It didn't help that it was a "healthy" version of it. Sorta bland. It was hot, but not comforting in this cold weather! :)


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