I had a freak out moment about my milk supply and headed to Wal-Mart. I heard that beer helps milk production. Even non-alcoholic beer, because it's just the yeasty goodness inside of it that kicks milk production into gear. So I purchased some. And I can't stand it.
 Not even with butter cookies. Which my husband is infatuated with. 


My Gratitude Journal came in the mail! I am so excited about this! It helps me direct my thoughts off of the stress and frustrations of the day, and onto the beauty of the moment. You should start one, it's so good.

We started watching a young girl during the morning on Wednesday-Friday. She's 3, and she's so cute. We headed to Once Upon a Child to get some more toys, and this is what Trevor picked out. They all love it to pieces. 

By hour two of watching our new little addition, we realized we needed a more structured day if we were to stay sane. This is our very flexible schedule. 

This day was the first meeting with my dear friend Sheena for Kairos! She brought Taco Salads from the little restaurant "Mixed." Oh my goodness were they amazing! And the  fellowship was even better! We are meeting every week! This was all that was left of the lunch by the time I remembered to take a picture. But it's still amazing: a compostable cup! Yay Green!

We finally got our Jeep fixed! It's been sitting in the driveway for weeks with a flat tire and a wonked out transy. Total costs: $550. Worth it? Every cent. 

(Not our car, our car was red, but same make and model)

Guess what? We sold our KIA!! The one we have been trying to sell for over a year! 
God was able to use us to bless a family with it...they won't be going into debt for this beautiful car, and we could not be happier! God is so good!! 

Blessings friends!! 

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  1. I have so enjoyed the glimpse into your precious week! Love the Once Upon a Child toy & the sweet schedule on the board. You go!!! Have a fabulous week!

  2. Traditional Medicinals makes a tea called Mothers Milk tea, it works great for boosting milk production! With a little honey or agave nectar it really doesn't taste too shabby/ Also, I just started taking a breastfeeding formula multi-vitamin (can't remember the name off hand, but if you want it just ask and I'll look it up for you) anyway, I didn't really have a low supply but within two days of taking this I have already noticed an increase. Before in the evenings I would be less full and baby would nurse off each side quicker, now I have plenty and I just feel fuller. I was amazed!

    Praise God for selling your car, that is awesome!

  3. Looks like your week was full of praise reports. Have fun watching the little girl and working with a schedule. It makes things so much easier when kids know what to expect next. But don't be afraid to change it if needs be!

    Great pictures!

  4. seems like those cookies, sweet as they are, would only make the beer taste worse and more bitter!!! How about lots more water!!!

    when my kids were small, I used to watch a friends little girl...brought back memories!

    love, love the gratitude journal. where did you get yours?

  5. glad you are joining in the 365... so great to look back on. yay for a fixed car! :)

  6. I love seeing your week in pictures, i keep saying to myself I"m going to start doing that this week!!!! and i never do..... *sigh*... anyway i'm very intrested in this Gratitude journal! where can i get one?!

  7. I remember those breast feeding days, a good breakfast and multiple snacks and lots of water...I also kept a safety pin on my bra strap so I could remember which side to start on when it was time for the next feeding.


  8. How come your worried about your milk supply? I had a freak out moment about it too, but really unless he just isn't eating then theres enough! Your body produces what the baby needs! That's what I've heard/read. Also, pumping helps... If your full and its not time for him to eat, then pump...I have found that even if he has to eat an hour later I can still pump because his sucking will make more milk come! Do you pump at all at night or feed him during the night? That's one of the reasons I wake him up once after putting him down before I go to bed. My mother in law tells me not to worry because as long as they are eating they are getting what they need! She has had ten babies!

  9. @Wylie- Thank you!! :) You have a fab week as well!

    @LeAnna- I do have some of that tea...I'm terrible at being consistent at making it! I brought it out to start drinking it though. I would like the name of that multi! Thank you so much :)

    @RaD- Praise reports indeed. God is so good! Thanks for the heads up about the schedule! I need to learn to be flexible :)

    @Sara- actually the cookies help to take away the yucky taste! It would be a good combo if I liked beer. I drink tons of water, so I will be trying tea. I got my gratitude journal off of Amazon. It was around $14. Thanks for the comment!

    @Robin- Thanks for the advice about the safety pin. I have heard of those bracelets they have for moms now, but they around $20! Ridiculous. A safety pin is much cheaper! Thank you!

  10. It does look like things are gonna be busy at your house.

    It looks like you had a great week.


  11. we have a Once Upon A Child right up the road from us. I love it!!
    the gratitude journal is such a great idea. I'm not good at journaling at all, but I might just have to give that a try.
    thanks for sharing!

  12. YAY for selling your car. Sounds like a great week. Thanks for linking up. Can't wait to see next weeks photos.

  13. @ Kassie- I was worried because my breasts were literally empty all the time...they were so deflated! I was so worried! And he was really fussy! but they are back to normal...yay!

    @Mimi- Busy for sure! Thanks for the comment!

    @Momma Frans- I love that store! I'm glad you have one! You should try the journal, it's phenomenal!

    @Sarah- Thanks! It WAS a great week!


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