Trevor and I did homework together all morning.
Which means, he tried to do homework, while I tried to distract him.

It's President's Day! 
Trevor didn't have any school
So we did our usual...
hung out at home and watched Hulu.
And Trevor rolled around with Jeremiah...They are so cute together. 

Tuesday was a very productive day.
 I cleaned out our fridge, and not a day too soon. 

Some of the food was beginning to grow hair and demand citizenship.
Can you tell we are drink people? 

McKenna wanted to take pictures with my camera, and I thought,
"Why not? If she drops it, meh."
She actually did really well, and took this awesome picture of me!
Minus the awkward smile.

Judah wore the cutest outfit this day, and I took this picture, then he threw up all over it. Don't I just have impeccable timing? :)
 Look at his chubby baby hands! I want to nibble them all day!

It's been really super duper horribly cold around here lately. 
We had almost ten one inch of solid ice covering our Jeep!
Trevor had to hack away at it with our cheap-o ice scraper to get our doors open, and he was having the darndest time...then realized the doors were locked. He's cute.
Anyways, Jeremiah hates this hat, but I made him wear it because it's his warmest. He wouldn't even look at me to take his picture. He has the cutest little attitude sometimes, but I'm not so excited about when it matures. Nope. 

There are so many things to say about this picture.
Today, I had the motivation to clean my entire bathroom.
 And I actually followed through on the motivation!
It turned out beautifully. And actually smells clean.
I changed out the toothbrushes, and when Trevor gets home tonight,
he gets to pick purple or pink.
He'll be so excited. ;)
I should wear gloves when I clean with bleach because
my hands now feel like they were scratched with sand paper. Not a great feeling!

Here a few more pictures from the week, just for fun!

Heaps of blessings prayed over each and every one of you!

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  1. It looks like a great week. I love that you got to spend extra time with the wee ones.

    Have a great week,

  2. A fun but productive week! Great photos, especially got a kick out of the clean fridge :) I have to clean mine out today before we leave for conference. {sigh} And I'm not feeling a BIT motivated. LOL

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Ah, I see you cleaned too! :)

    I just love the pics of your family. Your Monday picture is such a great visual moment of love between Dad and kid that it made me smile as soon as I saw it. And the hat on Friday made me giggle 'cause I can just see how the expression on his face goes along with your description.

    Good week of photos and I look forward to more.

  4. Great photos! yay for all your cleaning. Looks great! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Oh those were some great shots. Love that clean fridge♥

  6. LOVE the picture of you sleeping with your baby!!!!

    I keep going back to your fridge picture...so clean and empty....I would be embarrassed to show you a picture of mine!!!

  7. Don't babies always throw up all over themselves when they are cutely dressed? I desperately need motivation to clean, like the whole apartment, but I guess I should get to feeling better first!

  8. I really like those pictures with the bubble blowers on the eyes! That's sooo creative!

    I would have had a melt down if the kid dropped my camera so I give you Kudos!

    Great pictures of your family this week!

  9. u can come clean my fridge anytime ;)
    sweet pics

  10. the bubble wand over y'alls eyes is hilarious! and your fridge looks awesome. it almost motivates me to clean mine. almost.

  11. love the picture collage at the end of the post...cute photos! bummer about baby throwing up all over his cute outfit. I LOVE hulu...isn't it the best! I need to clean my fridge out and I woudl definately choose the purple toothbruch!

  12. I think your smile is perfect, and I love your pajama pants in the bathroom picture! ;) ....And I totally look like a lion in the collage, just thought everyone should know

  13. Marybeth, your family is absolutely adorable and so precious! The pics of your kiddos totally make the stalking worth it. ;-) Thanks for your comment...I was uber excited to have one! Hope you have a wonderful week enjoying your CLEAN house! Yay!

  14. You have a precious little family.
    I saw your are reading Madame Guyon.
    We used to hear much about her years ago on OM.


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