A refreshing wordy word

     With the gloominess of winter comes fuzzy thoughts and tired days. It takes an extra 2 cups of coffee some mornings to find the energy to start the To-Do list. 
     Where, oh where, Sun, art Thou? If I could have but a few minutes of your popularly sought after presence, a smile would grace this downcast face and this pasty white skin would be forever grateful. No? Then one must replace you. One must replace you with means not found in the organic elements, but found within the crinkly yellowing pages of an heirloom Bible. Or perhaps in the carefree giggle of an oatmeal-crusted toddler. Better yet, in the gut honest words a friend, spilling out her deepest fears knowing she is safe in the circle of my friendship.
     Yes, all of these. All of these and more. And a wordier word for it. Gratitude. Choosing to unglue myself off of the cloudy mushiness of lazy thinking and instead direct my thoughts to the gems in everyday ordinariness. Is that a word? Ordinariness. I like the way that feels.
     So I have gallivanted (wander aimlessly in search of pleasure)  on over to Amazon, that cyber-haven of all things "thing." I have found a way in which to direct this wordy sun-replacing deed called Gratitude. A Gratitude Journal. 

     What better way to fight thought-cobwebs and winter-nostalgia then turning your heart upwards towards the beautiful Almighty in thanks for what He has graciously blessed us with. 

A 9 week old giggle.

A broom to sweep up spilled cereal.

Gloves to cover precious fingers from the frigid weather.

     Don't let your soul be sucked dry from overcast skies and cooped-up days. Spend your day with thoughts full to the brim of thankfulness for ordinariness. Gratitude....immerse your dreary sun-yearning soul into it. 


  1. marybeth i must say your words always feel filled with so much depth and meaning. God has truely blessed you with the gift of writing and being able to reach out to others with your words! Thank you for sharing. i always love to read what you have to say! i always find it hard to not let this wintery weather bring me down!

  2. Thanks so much Tiffany! I had fun with this one :)

  3. I have begun my gratitude journal for about 4 weeks now. How my eyes are opening to what were ordinary things to wonders and beauty of God. :)


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