Two's Company

I thought having 1 baby was incredible, 
but oh boy, nothing prepared me for having two. 

My days are spent rockin' and swingin', dancin' and a-singin',
Mashin' up food and burpin' babies good.

Having two babies, I get double the everything. 

Double the cute

Double the fun

Double the interesting

Double the laughs

Double the attitude

And double the love...

This mama loves her two boys!

Praying showers of love over you my friends


  1. hehe! I love it! They're so cute. Well.. all of you are!

  2. Oh my - how beautiful!
    You may just have unearthed some of my baby fever ;). I cannot wait to see how my daughter will react to a future sibling.

  3. Oh, I have so loved being a mom!! I miss those days burpin' and rockin'!!! I can't wait to be a grandma!!! :)

  4. So sweet! They are just too cute!

  5. Beyond sweet. . . . and so comforting to those of us wondering if we can survive two :)

  6. That Double of attitude picture is so funny!

  7. your boys are so handsom and two kids are wonderful!!!!! love the pictures!


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