A Day In The Life...

of The Thielke Family...
Just in case you were ever wondering what we do in a day...

6:30am the alarm goes off and I quickly turn it off to not wake up the sleeping baby in the crib beside our bed.
I then reset the alarm for 6:50. 

When the alarm goes off I again quickly turn it off, jump out of bed and quickly shower. 
McKenna will be here at 7:30.

Trevor rolls out of bed and starts coffee, picks up the living room and wakes up a very sleepy Jeremiah. He then puts him in the highchair for breakfast before he starts eating everything off the unswept floor.

McKenna gets here and the first thing we do is play with toys for an hour. 
Then we read for half an hour and watch an cartoon educational video.

And then, my favorite part...
Snack Time!

Today we had apple wedges, whole grain club crackers with peanut butter on them, and strawberry milk!! Huge success!

Jeremiah goes down for a nap directly after Snack, around 9:30, and McKenna and I do craft time! Here are a few of the crafts we have done...
After craft it's really a hit and miss. I have a really great schedule up till then. Usually we just hang out and play with bubbles or watch another cartoon educational video and wait for her dad to come pick her up.

When she leaves, it's lunch time! 
We cook and so does Jeremiah
Today we had Chicken Alfredo, Veggies and Garlic Toast

After lunch, we put Judah and Jeremiah down for a nap, and I hang out with Trevor until he has to go to work at 2:00. 
This makes me very sad most days, and I hate to see him go. 
He won't be back until 10:30pm.

I send him off and either feed the now awake Judah or lay Jeremiah down 30 more times. 
These days Jeremiah has boy-cotted naps, and doesn't take them anymore. 
This also makes me very sad, and I hate to see them go. 
This is him after nap today. It was 30 minutes long. Which, obviously, is not long enough.

After "nap", we play, we read, we eat snack.

5:00pm...DINNER TIME! 

I cook and Jeremiah does this:
The WHOLE time. 

So I put on some tea...(Judah, meanwhile, is asleep)

And just continue on with the night...

I clean up, then it's bath time for the boys, brush teeth, story time, prayers, talk about the day, and bedtime!

Of course, spread throughout the day are Judah's feedings, putting Judah down for a nap, taking care of Judah when he gets fussy...Those just happen so often I decided to leave them out!

That's our day! 


  1. It wasn't too long ago that my days were so similar to that! It's tough during those years but they don't last long-as I'm sure everyone tells you. It's fun to read your blogs! Looking forward to seeing you back in N.P.! Holly

    P.S. Love the "educational" videos:D

  2. LOL, I love the dinnertime series.


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