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It’s been quite a while since I have written a plain old update about our lives. Facebook, Twitter and Blogging tend to let you in on only tiny details. 
So here is an update Thielke style!

J Our little family has decided to move to Nebraska. Trevor and I have been feeling really restless lately, and were considering several options. North Dakota for a job? Arizona with friends to take advantage of the amazing housing market? We prayed and prayed and neither of those left us with any measure of peace. Finally, it struck us. Home. God wants us home. We prayed, and the more we sought His will, the more doors were opened. Peace, big time!  We are absolutely thrilled for this move happening the first week of May. Not only will we be closer to family and friends, but we will be in the same town as a Runza! Yopaw! 

J Our children are growing at the speed of snow melting! And it’s melting super fast here! Jeremiah is almost 18 months old and getting both molars on his bottom row (FUN!) He can say just about anything you ask him to. He can even say Hippopotamus. I know. Crazy. And he’s getting taller! We were wondering if he was ever going to grow out of his 6-9 month clothing. But alas, he can finally wear 12 month outfits without us having to roll them up. 

Judah, also, is growing like a weed in Louisiana. He can scoot around on his tummy (he’s only 4 months old!) and is wearing 6 month clothing. I tell ya, if he gets any cuter, it’ll be a felony. He is still sleeping in his crib in our bedroom, and then when he wakes up anywhere between 1-4am, I somehow manage to bring him into bed where he stays until morning. I don’t remember any of this! Really, I don’t! 

J Trevor is still working nights. He goes in anywhere from 2-3pm and doesn’t get home most nights till 11:00pm. Sometimes even after midnight. And he goes to school full-time. This is where the blog post gets all serious. It’s really wearing on our family. Okay, it’s wearing on me the most. He’s gone SO stinkin’ much and I miss him! We just don’t feel like a family right now. But we’re hanging on. We know this season won’t last forever, we’re just trying to stay afloat. We’re trying really hard not to isolate ourselves, but it’s so hard when you have so few nights together at home. 

Please, your prayers are asked for and much needed.

J Never a dull moment at the Thielke house. If you would like to donate to the “Help Marybeth stay sane” fund, books and movie donations are being taken any way you want to send them. ;) Seriously though, prayers are much appreciated. 

Love you all!


  1. Thanks for posting, I enjoy hearing about your family as it grows - As far as Marybeth Sane fund - you will get through this. I remember as a young mom, we also didn't live by family, and sometimes it was really hard. But I have to admit there were more pleasant times then those alone times. hang tough, I hope the move goes well for you. Prayers for you and your family.

  2. I know how it feels to hardly have any time to yourself as a family. Usually... I see Jake on Wednesdays and Sundays. Some Saturdays, but lately not so much. So, I get that.

    I'm glad you're able to move home, and I'm going to miss having you around, even though I've rarely gotten to see you!

    SJ has the same pajamas as Judah!

    And.. YAY Jeremiah for getting taller!! And for saying hippopotamus!

  3. Is that the outfit I sent you? =)

    I am glad that Braden isn't the only one fitting in 6 month old clothes!

  4. i understand you so well marybeth! When i was stayin home with kaleigh kevin was gone all the time... even now i feel like i barely see him! its hard but you just have to be happy with the time you get with them... Everyone keeps tell me it wont last forever! and I am just hoping they are right!!


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