At Your Feet

Used by permission
     The rough carpet scrapes my knees, my elbows, but it is such a low cost for what You bring to my dry, thirsty, crying soul. The tears escape, sink and absorb into the scratchy fibers, and I whisper Your name. "Sometimes I wish, I wish you were really here. I wish I could actually see You. So that You could hug me for real and answer my questions. I wish I were really at Your feet." It's so hard. You are real, but I can't see You and I need questions answered by a real voice.
    You ask, "Marybeth, do you love me?" And I answer, "Of course, You know I love you..." And you ask, "Marybeth, do you love me!" A tear slips down my cheek, "Jesus, I love You, You know I love You." And yet again, You voice echoes in my soul, "Marybeth, my love, do you love me?" Sobbing..."Oh Lord, I love You. I'm so sorry. I love You."
     How many times must I get up only to sink back down, rough carpet scraping and digging into my unaccustomed, lazy knees? How many times will I deny You before I come crawling back, unworthy but desperately seeking? How many times will You welcome me back, arms open, eyes beckoning, voice firm and full of love and forgiveness? 
     70x7...and still more...

True repentance starts with the recognition of the holiness of our God. We cannot rightly perceive the greatness of his goodness without apprehending the puniness of our own. Such a realization causes us to fall down in humility before God.

Bryan Chapell


  1. Beautiful! It's amazing how far we have come, but how far we still have to go. Every day choosing to deny oneself, in attempts to finish the race God has placed before us.


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