and I love You...

Oh my Love, my sweet, sweet Love...
How easily I forget.

Your whispers.
Your tenderness.
Your peace.
Your love.
To sit at Your feet is contentment.
To gaze upon Your face is completion, humbleness.
To kiss Your feet is divine privileged.
To hear Your voice is healing.

Where else do I belong, but here?
Who else's am I, but Yours?
To linger in Your shadow, 
speak Your name,
hear Your laughter,
feel Your touch...

You have wooed me
from the depths of my soul.

You are my heart's desire
and I love You.


  1. I love your love for God, I see it every day but it is encouraging to see it written down. I love you

  2. This is beautiful! There is so much contentment at His feet. I am learning to sit and be still.


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