I deactivated my Facebook account, hallelujah

     I've done this once before, and the outcome was incredible. The deactivation lasted for about 7 months, and during that time God used the break to show me many things. He used that time to help me realize that I was addicted to the never ending stream of people's updates, reading conversations I had no right to, and updating people on things in my life that they had no right knowing, and probably didn't even care to know. 
     Today, I was overwhelmed with the idea of keeping up with my Facebook friendships. Right now, the season I am in, I am craving real, intimate, personal relationship with people, and I believe Facebook is standing in the way of that. Some can have deep friendships and still be immersed in Facebook World. I cannot. I use it as excuse to not call friends, not call family, not make an effort to deepen new friendships. And I'm so tired of pretending to be somebody I'm not, updating my statuses to portray this godly, has-it-all-together, happy go lucky woman. That, I am not. And I've come to realize that that is why I blog. To show people I am not perfect, and that I struggle just like everyone else. 
     It's so easy to portray oneself as perfect when you update people about your life via short splurbs you get inspire to write on a whim. 
"God is so good!"

"Praise God, my day is going so well!"

"I am so blessed to be a stay at home Mommy."

     Even if your statuses are a little less Mother Teresa, you can still pretty them up so they don't come across as ugly or as terrible as you are really feeling in that moment.

"I am having a horrible day, but praise God for coffee!"

"My children are driving me crazy, but I am so blessed to have them." 

     Is it only me, or does that sound kind of...not human? Those are what my statuses have become lately. I am so consumed with how I portray myself to the world, that I have forgotten who I truly am. 
     Or if you do have a status that, Heaven forbid, comes across as complaining, such as:

"My life sucks."

"I am feeling horrible today and nothing is making me feel better."

"I'm cranky and irritated and nobody better cross me or I'll punch them in the neck." 

 ...people take the opportunity to give you unwarranted advice, or reasons why you should not feel that way. Give me a break people, just read it and move on and stop trying to fix it.
     Frankly, I'm sick of it. And I'm tired of feeling stressed out by it. Facebook doesn't control my life. But it  is. Facebook doesn't control my emotions. But it is. And so I did what I had to do. I deleted myself from the Facebook world. 
     I wish there were some way to forever delete yourself from Facebook. The fact that you can resign in at any time and have all your friends, info, and statuses exactly how you left them, is all-together too tempting. 

     So, there is my rant for the day. I'm not sure when or if I will reactivate my Facebook account. That doesn't concern me. What concerns me is the fact that I have children who need a present Mother. I have spent too many moments glued to the computer, delving into the world of someone thousands of miles away, whom I will most likely never see in my life, while my child sits on the floor, quietly reading to himself, like he is doing as I write this blog. =/
     I truly wish everybody would delete Facebook and focus on the reality right in front of them. But that's like asking everyone to give up coffee and learn to survive and cope with situations on their own/God's strength. Not gonna happen. Sad, but true. 

 Hope this finds you very present wherever you are in this moment.


  1. Amen! Been without it for 6 months and counting. It's been soooo nice!

  2. So, I know that your phone minutes and such are always limited... how do we keep in contact?

  3. @Nik- Once I get minutes on my phone this next time (which is a couple of days), that is what they are for. And since I can't text, I'll be pushed to actually talk to people via a phone call! We'll have to plan things with people when we see them, or just call people. Trevor's Facebook is still going to be up, and he'll check it every now and then. We are getting different phones in August, hopefully with unlimited texting! Woohoo!

  4. Is this how I reach you?

  5. @Ambrosia- For now you can reach me via Trevor's facebook, he'll be on there every now and then, until we get new minutes on our phone, then you can call my phone! I'll let you know when that happens!

  6. Ok :) Are you available tomorrow or is it to crazy still?? We could go to the wading pool at 1 if you are :) Let me know :)

  7. Well, since we have no money for gas or to fix our car, it might be a little hard tomorrow :( I have a doctor's appointment at 3, also. Judah is still sick. Things ARE still crazy, I guess is what I am trying to say. haha.

  8. OK... Let me know!! I want to get together with you guys!!! Take it easy and don't stress too much :)

  9. I'll try Ambrosia, thanks!

  10. Thanks, Marybeth! I hope we can get together again sometime soon. SJ and I can come there!

  11. Nicole- that would be fun! Let's do that soon!

  12. I have been tossing this idea up in the air myself... twitter too. Still seeking what motive I have in doing it. See, wretched woman I am, even the good things I do have wrong motives... blah! Good thing we serve a God who both makes and meets the demands in us (((cheering))).
    I'm proud of you, girl...
    P.S. I wasn't able to respond to your last message, due to the deactivation.

  13. Actually THERE IS A WAY TO DELETE FACEBOOK! Yup, I know because I did it! I was on facebook for about a year and had an endless stream of unwanted info coming my way that I suddenly became obsessed with! Then, like you, I realized what I was truly missing... real personal relationships. So I deleted it.

    Follow the link below and follow the instructions and it will get you to the delete section. The problem with facebook is THEY HIDE THE DELETE BUTTON so you technically are still there unless you google how to delete it!



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