Life's Little Lessons

I am linking up with Sara over at Life's Recipe's!

Life Lessons I have learned (and re-learned) this week:

~When your husband doesn't do something to your standard, it doesn't help the situation to "show him how it's really done"

~Many friends come and go, and there are only a few who understand what love really means enough to hold on through hard times

~I can choose my attitude and how I react to things. My emotions do not rule me.

~You have to let others make mistakes, otherwise they will never learn the hard lessons

~Teething babies need to be loved and cuddled just as much as happy babies

~My body isn't perfect by the world's standards, but it's a Mommy Body, and I am proud of it.

~Sometimes you have to say no to eating out, if it means having gas money for the next week. 

~Husbands thrive on encouragement and respect, even when they don't deserve it. 

~Life is beautiful, and I've learned this week that no matter what I do, I should live in the moment and soak up every second I can with my babies. Soon they will be all grown up....

Taken too many months ago....

Blessings friends...


  1. I can relate to each and everyone of these lessons!

  2. You have the cutest family! Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you are linking up with Sara and Rach! I love your lesson about teething babies vs. happy babies b/c it is so true! I'm your newest follower :)

  3. Life Lesson regarding your first one - Regardless of how long you've lived in your house - Hubby will never put the dishes away correctly but at least he tried, right?

  4. Wow. These are absolutely wonderful lessons. Especially #1. I need to remember that!

  5. Great little reminders!

  6. All this time following you on twitter (@CraigBelieves) and I haven't yet commented on your blog – I'm really sorry for that – it was rude. Anyway I really hearted your lessons – and I'll share with you a couple of the reasons why a man, a guy – a dude – blogs among mommy bloggers – and reads almost exclusively Christian mommy bloggers – and attends Blissdom. It's that last thank you – I graduated from Seminary, educated by all men, reading only one book the entire time written by women – and the thing is – men don't write theology with heart, but women do – theology with heart – your list rings with theology with heart – and the last one rings with the heart of a mama – that's the second reason - the way your last lesson rings with the heart of a mama - the heart that is the closest to the heart of God. Anyway – thank you for your list of lessons – and yes – men do need support and respect and validation a lot more than we admit. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Marybeth.

  7. I suck at saying no to eating out! Sometimes I just can't handle being in the kitchen again!

  8. Marybeth, This is such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing these lessons!

    And thanks, also, for visiting my blog.


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