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My Judah Manuda is almost 8 months old. Just look at him... I seriously cannot help myself- I have to  kiss him every time I am within 10 feet of him. It's like he has this all natural, amazing smelling baby-cologne that just seeps out of his skin at all times. I'm hooked. His laugh was tuned just so my heart would almost burst with pure joy whenever I hear it. His smile was created in such a way that I just cannot help but stare into his eyes and smile right back, even if I'm in the midst of something "important." OK, ok, you're right, enough baby gushy gushy talk. But seriously, he's pretty much the cutest baby in the whole world. 

     Trevor and I recently went on a nature walk, and I have to say, it was definitely a highlight of my year. It was that gorgeous. My sister watched my boys, and Trevor and I brought our Bible so we could have some quiet time by the river. I had never been on this nature trail before, and was shocked. There were huge trees, plants I had never even seen before, and a quietness you do not typically find in the middle of a busy city. We were walking, just talking away about life and God, when all of a sudden we found ourselves in this huge clearing, lined with tall trees, and totally alone. I was so overwhelmed with the glory of God, that all I could do was stand in the middle of this clearing and praise Him, crying in humbleness. We prayed and left with a sense of holiness that didn't leave the whole time. It was heart-changing. 
     Last night my sister and I were hanging out on our side walk, playing the Question Game, when all of a sudden a neighbor guy, his female roommate, and his dog walked by. We don't know them at all, and my first impression of them wasn't very good, I'll be honest. The guy kinda comes across as someone a young woman should not be talking to all alone, while her husband is working. I make polite conversation and then he leaves. Well, they chatted for a few minutes (his dog had lots to say) and then were off to light off some firecrackers down the street. When they came back, they headed home, and then came back outside and walked right over to us. They had a game and wanted to know if we would like to play a few rounds. "Why not!" we said, a little uncomfortably. 
Jesus loves everyone 
     But you know what? Not only did I wrongly judge a person based on outward appearances and preconceived misconceptions, but I almost missed out on an opportunity to befriend a neighbor who needs Jesus. When Jesus looks at someone with a beer his hand and tattoos of snakes and odd nicknames all over his body, he doesn't turn his nose up and go to his rich Christians and drink pink lemonade with manicured fingernails. Grace is messy, it has no boundaries. It's stubble and pj's till noon and spilled beer running down your sidewalk. He loves everyone the same, unconditionally, and His grace is available to every single person. 
     I pray that God opens up the door for my family to share Jesus with our new friends. It's why we are here, it's the calling on our lives. Do you have anyone in your lives right now that you've been avoiding, because they didn't "fit?" I challenge you to befriend them, embrace them, and love them like Jesus does. 

Blessings Friends!
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  1. This is a wonderful post. That nature walk sounds absolutely amazing.. something my husband and I need to take. And Judah is ADORABLE!

    new follower, please stop on by..

  2. What a beautiful heart you are! Loving those that are different than us is hard- but what we are called to do, not for any ulterior motive other than Jesus lives in us. You shine Jesus!!Love you SOO much!


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