My Testimony Of Freedom: @blessbeautifull

I used to believe that bad things happened to a person because of what they did, some sin they committed or because they were a really bad person. I also believed that "god" was a curse word and nothing more. I now know Yahweh, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords is God of all, and that He is pursuing me with a fierce and passionate love. 

But it took me a really long and winding road to get here... 

Come check out the beautiful and amazing Keidy, over at Blessed Beautifully, where I am guest posting today, to hear the rest of my story of freedom...Give her a follow, too, she has an amazing heart for God and people, and she's pretty incredible! 

Also, check out this video...make sure you have tissues nearby. 


  1. I read your testimony at blessed beautifully and just wanted to say thank you. Sharing where we have come from can be an incredibly scary and vulnerable thing to do and you did it beautifully. Thank you for glorifying God through your boldness.


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