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     I have had to move quite a lot in my life. Before I was in Middle School I had moved approximately 10 times. All were to different zip codes and schools. I never really got used to it but I always expected it. Home was never somewhere with roots.       
      When I got married and my husband and I moved to Sioux Falls for a job, I was thrilled with the idea that they promised 3-5 years stability in our discussions with them. I was ready to stay put for a while. I wanted to dig some roots, make a home my own, make some long lasting memories. But I learned that you should probably have a contract, written out and signed by someone important, before you start making plans based on a job's promises. We were there for a little over a year before we were laid off.
      I was really sad when we moved out of our first apartment. It was our first home, where our first son was born, where we spent our honeymoon and our first two Christmases, and where Trevor recovered after brain surgery. There were so many memories, and I can remember holding my 5 month old, the house all packed up, and just crying, knowing I would never step foot in this apartment again. I tried to soak up all the memories I could, take mental snapshots of all the rooms. I tried to re-picture Jeremiah as a 1 week old, laying on our bed, small and content. We were being forced to move and it was heartbreaking.
     The apartment we currently live in was a dream come true. We scrambled to find something affordable, something that could fit our little family of 3, and we found this small two bedroom just in time. 1 month after we moved in, we found out we were pregnant with our second child Judah, and the walls seemed to start closing in. But it wasn't until he was 4 months old and still sleeping in our room, that things became really cramped. 
     So, we have found another dream-come-true sorta apartment, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, to accommodate our ever-growing family, and we are more than thrilled to be making this move. 9 days until we say goodbye to this 2 bedroom blessing, and hello to our new home for the next however many years it ends up being. And I just started packing. Today. Aye.
     I know our family is not financially ready to be in our own home. Heck, some would say we are not financially ready to be having children this young, but for goodness sakes, who is ever truly ready to have children? The money part of parenting seems to be the easiest for us. 
     I do look forward to the day when, Lord willing, we are able to dig deep roots and establish our home for years to come. But I also realize the home is different from the house. Some people's houses you walk into and it does not feel like a home. You can sense strife and stress, disorganization and chaos. Love does not dwell there, and for all the fancy decorations and the facade of a "home," it feels empty and void of peace. 
     A sense of love and peace is important to me when I think of my "home." And I don't have to wait to have a mortgage payment to begin working on that. I can start cultivating a home of joy right now. I can start creating an atmosphere of love right now. I can start taking care of what God has given me right now, so that when I do have a house one day, I can appreciate it. 
      Is your home characterized by the "stuff" inside of it, rather than an atmosphere of love and joy? 
     What can you do today to make your house a "home?" 

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain." 
Psalm 127:1


  1. Congratulations on moving to your next apartment!!! It’s a blessing.

    I can definitely relate to this post. I cried when I moved out of my house seven months ago. I remember when I first bought it, I was so excited. I had so many wonderful memories there. But I realized a true home does not rely in the house but in the heart. I cherish the moments I experienced in my house and I treasure every moment that I keep in my heart.

    God Bless!

  2. I can really relate to this I havent moved in 2 years, but i still had mix emotions when we moved from the house we brought kaleigh home to! i was glad to leave that house though and get this one! Even though i've spent 2 years here it does feel empty sometimes. because we are slowly getting the different things we want to fill it. but like you said its not what is IN the home that makes it. its the love and happyness you have in it! I hope this move is good for you and your family! and that it brings so many more great memories for you!

  3. Good luck in your new apartment, enjoy turning the space into your "home"

  4. hi dear...i super can relate to your story.. id rather have a very small emptied house but full of love -peace and joy than a big house but feels like at war-zone everyday....=)


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