It's an Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Awkward and Awesome

~ Telling someone we were pregnant with our third and them saying, "I think that's enough. You can stop there." Um, what?

~The smell that is coming from our brand new bathroom. It reeks like a cross between a dead mole and sewage. I've scrubbed till I almost passed out, and still, the mystery smell reigns supreme. 

~The boys who live in our new apartment complex throwing huge chunks of rocks at each other, and me yelling at them that I was going to call the police. 
"We're kids, we don't go to jail!" 
"Oh yeah?! ...You're right...."

~Our car. The whole thing is just awkward. The front tired exploded, and now we are driving on a donut, which makes us drive at 34 mph, even on the highway. The breaks are going out, and they make a really loud clacking noise when we press on them. And it randomly dies on us while we are driving it. Like I said, it's just an awkward car.

~We let our 22mo have some of our iced coffee. He was two inches away from my husband's face and let out the biggest burp ever. You should have seen the look on Trevor's face. Apparently iced-coffee burps are not pleasant. 

~We have a playground 5 feet from our front door, and because there is construction all around, there are huge chunks of dirt everywhere (What those boys throw at each other.) Our 8 1/2 mo likes to eat them.

~That same 8mo learned to crawl on his knees two days ago! He was doing this really funny army crawl, but apparently he got tired of Jeremiah out running him. He's still a little unbalanced, but it's adorable.

~We finally told our family this past week that we are pregnant! We were nervous, because frankly, it's our third and we have a 22mo and an 8mo. And we tried for the 3rd. But we want a big family, close together. So what? I think it's awesome

~ Buying sparkling grape juice for the first time in 4 months. I had forgotten how incredibly amazing it was. Between my husband and I, we can down a bottle of that in record time. 

~The movie Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. I do not like to watch movies more than once. But Pride and Prejudice? I could watch it every month. And I act like it's my first time watching it every time. Hubby and I watched it together two nights ago, and it was blissful.

Hope your week had a healthy balance of 
Awkward and Awesome, too!


  1. =)

    - Still makes me sad that they said, you can stop there.
    - I wonder if there is something in the walls in your bathroom? :(
    - I cannot wait til Braden starts crawling! He tries so hard, but not yet!

  2. Yeah. That is an awkward reaction to a pregnancy. 5kids - 7years is the family I'm from. :) Good times! I loved it! And you're right - it'll be super fun!

  3. That's great that you want a family that's close in age...they'll have so much fun growing up together! Sorry to ehar about your tire! :(

  4. I'm so excited for you guys and all the new things in your life. thank you so much for the prayers and we are praying for you and your family, And the new one on the way!!!
    Our bathroom had a really weird smell for awhile, we had a guy look at it, He told us he didnt smell anything weird (i sware it was the only day that it didnt smell weird), So we got some Bleach put it down the drains in the bathroom, that seemed to help for awhile but the smell comes back if we leave for a few days and the bathroom is not in use... :) hope thats helpful!


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