How Do I Love Thee?

"How did you get so close? Where does all that love come from, deep and strong? Why is it so easy for you?"

I weep, knowing it hasn't always been so. 

There were nights I told Him I wanted nothing to do with Him. 
Nights I lay there, heart hard, eyes unseeing, refusing Him. 

And I wonder at this question, asked of me over and over. 

"How do you love Him so? How do you get into that kind of relationship? Soak up His realness? Breathe Him in?"

And I cannot think of an answer when someone asks. It's almost a mystery to me. 

Why is it so easy for me to love with all of my heart, trust blindly, have faith in One I cannot see?

And then I know...

I was utterly lost, and He found me. 
I was dirty, a whore, a nobody, and He loved me. 
I ran away from Him, spit in His face, and He never left me. 

Forgiven Much

Wherefore I say unto thee,

Her sins, which are many, are forgiven;
for she loved much.
Luke 7:47


    That is one of my favorite verses. It just puts such a great image in my mind.


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