Weekly ReCap

in one word or phrase- Exhausted!

I'm dreaming of you- >>>>

song on repeatThe new Shawn McDonald Album "Closer"

gotta write it down-
Isolation, a sense of lack of profound contact with other human beings, seems to be the disease of our time,” Allan Bloom.

lesson learned-
Do not try to forget/ignore the painful moments in your life. Embrace them, for they will remind you continually of God's amazing grace, and how to cherish each and every moment in the present. 

highlight of the week- Moving into our amazing new apartment! I still feel like we are on vacation in a fancy condo. Thank You, Jesus for Your many blessings.

picture to frame

weekend to do list-  Unpack. Unpack. Unpack.

Hope your week was highlight~able! 


  1. That's a beautiful camera... and baby...


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