Welcome Home...

      It seems surreal. I feel as if I am going to wake up at any moment, and it's going to be all over. Gone in a flash. 
     But I know that it's real. And I feel silly, because not many will understand. 
     We moved into our new apartment yesterday. And when I say new, I mean, they just got done building it the day before we moved in. It is saturated in new home smell. We had never before seen the apartment, and were living on the word of our new landlord that things would be done by the time August 1st rolled around. 
     Well, I'm just going to say, we were not let down. Not only were our apartments done, but they are more beautiful than we could of ever imagined. 
     I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed as I walked through the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the garage. 
     "Is all of this for us? Really? But it's so nice...so new..." 
     We have lived without for so long, have lived just barely scraping by, and to be in a place that takes our breath away...it honestly feels unreal. 
     Last night as I sat on my old grungy living room chair, I just looked around at the chaos of moving boxes and baskets overflowing with "stuff," and just praised God for His provision. We got the last apartment in our complex. The very last one. And it's affordable. And it has 3 bedrooms and a 2 car garage.
     There is a playground literally 5 feet outside of our front door. We don't deserve any of this, God knows we don't. And we are amazed that we are even here. Humbled that God would bless us with so much. And I know I'm already getting a little crazy about keeping everything in as good condition as possible. No one has even used our brand new washer and dryer! I'm seriously giddy with excitement! 
     Do you understand, friend? Have you ever been so blessed beyond anything you could of imagined? 
     Are you taking for granted something in your life that others might not be able to have in their whole lifetime?
     Please, take some time right now to inventory all the material wealth you have around you. Car(s), cell phone, television, house, clothes, appliances, etc. And praise God for them. You don't deserve them, they are a blessing from a God who loves you, and they could be gone in a flash. Hold them loosely out in front of you, and be grateful, friends. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear you apartment is so wonderful!!! and we do often take for granted things we have.

    Do you still have the same phone #? I would love to chat and take you up on the offer to talk!!

  2. That is so exciting! So glad you apartment is awesome!

  3. I am excited for you and praising God for His provision.

  4. Sadly, my response to your "Our Home" post never went through! Ugh! To summarize that one: We have moved about five times, to all rentals, too, and we have always just found "home" to be where we were, because it was us.

    ANYWAY. YAY! I am so happy for you guys! I bet it's absolutely magnificent to be in a brand new place! I can't even imagine. And to have all of those amenities! We'll have to come visit sometime.

    I'm glad the move went smoothly. Sorry we were unable to assist!

    Miss you.


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